Scalability & Performance

Scalability & Performance

Web applications and solutions as a service depends on two most factors among several others. Scalability and performance – Scalability is critical because the solutions needs to scale during peak times.

Successfully scaled performance is not obtainable by simply installing more/faster processors or more/faster I/O devices. Scalability involves making choices between investing in hardware, upgrading I/O configurations, making use of networked machines, reorganizing your data, and how much you are willing to modify your application.

The purpose of engaging our team is to:

  • introduce scalability and the issues involved in scaling an application.

  • provide information about the products and solutions that are designed to provide better performance through scalability

  • provide tools and information to help you analyze your applications/solutions and set realistic expectations for the types of performance gains you can expect.

Achieving true scalability is a balancing act involving the choice of scalable hardware along with the right software that is specifically designed to leverage it. The information in this community should help you to achieve that balance.