Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Why Us?

  • You are tired of dealing with cheap off shore companies with a lack of business acumen, ability to comprehend detailed problems, as well as a lack of accountability and responsibility. In some cases, legally so.
  • You desire to have products and solutions designed, developed and deployed in an agile way to serve changing and challenging business environments.
  • You want a “partner” to become your development team and deliver your project initiation/business inception/idea conception to completion and to stand by it’s work and do whatever it takes to deliver the project on time, within budget and with minimum management overhead.
  • You need a development partner that no matter how big or small a company is will follow a unified approach and methodology to provide the highest quality solutions possible.
  • We don’t work a standard 5 business days a week. Our passion for technology and providing for our clients has us developing tangible and workable solutions 24/7. Although you will only be billed what a normal company would for a standard work week you are actually getting the speed and quality of a 24 hour operation. Once the initial engagement is complete, you can expect us to contact you with ideas and modifications to make your solution better. Our wheels are always turning.

Why not us?

  • If cost, not quality is your primary concern we may not be the best solution for you. Certainly, we work closely with our clients to provide a solution within their budget. However, if your first question to us is “How much will it cost?” and not “Do you guys know what you are doing?” we are likely not the best option for you. If on the other hand you are interested in whether or not the solution we would be developing will be future proof, stable, and increase your productivity we are likely your best option both from an experience and cost perspective.
  • Your company does not have a clear view of the solution(s) they want. We can help you develop your plan. We’ll even throw in some ideas for free. However, if you do not have a clear view of what you want the end product to be you may be better off purchasing an “Out of the box” solution instead of going the custom development route. We may even be able to suggest a few.


Our clients are the life of our business and we strive to build long, healthy, honest and trusting relationships with each and every client. We pledge to be professional, transparent, and forthright. We’d rather train you and earn less, than fool you into thinking you need us to do a big job, only to have you find out later that you wasted your money and lose you as a customer. It is our belief that if we are not being cost effective, we are not being effective.

Hooduku’s role is to take that which is already known and use it to make good things happen.We don’t invent software. We create architecture that makes existing software work. We make applications work together, in harmony. The difference between us and other IT companies is that we make IT practical. We don’t merely think “IT business alignment,” we do “IT business alignment”; in truth, we are “IT business alignment.” For example, instead of creating a website, then trying to figure out how to make it profitable, we develop the business model first, ensuring our client has a reasonable expectation of profitability, then build the site.

Whether you are completely organized and know exactly what you want and how you want it done or conversely you just have an idea and nothing else; we are confident that you have the solution for you and your project. Having said that, if we are not the right fit for you we will let you know right away.