About Us

About Us

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
– Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008), legendary writer of science fiction.

Arthur C. Clarke was a veritable prophet of human civilization. From PCs to tablets, from geostationary satellites to the Internet, he predicted them all, often as early as 40 years before their eventual appearance.

Hooduku is built on the idea of helping clients make the best of technology so that it indeed becomes indistinguishable from magic. And in this endeavor, we focus on the two technologies revolutionizing the world of business today – mobile technologies and cloud computing.

If there’s one device that is truly ubiquitous today, it is the mobile device. The way television revolutionized popular culture in the 1960s and personal computers changed the world of business in the 1980s, the mobile phone is doing today, simultaneously. With the processing powers employed by modern smart phones, they can be justifiably called handheld computers.

And cloud computing is the technology that is making computing truly democratic. No longer is access to the latest in computing restricted to the biggest enterprises with the largest IT budgets; on the cloud, even the SMBs (small & medium businesses) can leverage the power of supercomputers at low costs.

Mobile technologies and cloud computing have come together in an ideal marriage to deliver the perfect amalgamation of flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, high performance and mobility. At Hooduku, we excel at both.

The name of our company, Hooduku, is derived from the South East Asian word for “search”. Through it, we allude to our belief that we can meet your requirements for a partner who can help you navigate the technology seas for the best business returns. In other words, your search for an ideal IT partner ends with us.

To know more about our vision, mission and why you should (or not) engage our services, read on.

Bring customer vision to life through process, team empowerment and technology solutions.

As you can see, our vision is completely dependent on bringing your vision to life. In other words, you, our customer, are the focus of our existence.

Do it right the first time and every time thereafter.

We don’t believe in delivering an ordinary solution and then wasting your time (and money) in multiple revisions. While we will ask for, and incorporate feedback, at every stage of the development process, you can be confident that our deliverable will hit all the right points the very first time. And we will do it every time.


All our processes are completely transparent. At every stage of an engagement, you will know what we are doing, why we are doing it and how it adds value to your organization.

Fairness to clients and partners
We abide by the Golden Rule of “treat others the way you would want to be treated.” Since we ourselves want to be treated fairly, that’s exactly how we treat our clients and partners. That is why we make no extravagant claims or promises we cannot keep.

Social Citizenship
Even on the hard road of business, we never forget our larger place in society. That’s why we will never violate our values for the sake of short-term gains. Our aim is to leave the world a better place than it was when Hooduku’s journey started.